The self awareness onion

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Self awareness if literally explained, is conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings…but what that actually mean? Well, there can’t be a single definition for this and there isn’t a condition or state where you can declare your self as fully aware – at least not by your intellect. But it does not mean […]

Minimalism: The way of living you desperately need

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In the life full of chaos, hectic and full of materialistic things and with million repetitive thoughts, minimalism is coming up with a real hope for millennial. It is not only allowing to live more fully but also removing the mental burden of earning lots of money that was imposed by our previous generation. It […]

What happens when a celebrity kills himself?

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I heard the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide this afternoon, this left me shocked and speechless. It’s shocking that someone with so much could be so sad: He was young, beautiful, talented, wealthy, and widely loved. And the very fact that he lead a film about preventing suicide last year and it became […]