What’s happening during lock down?

It’s been two haircuts since lockdown was announced in most countries, which is enough time for 60+ shaves and 2 paychecks for lucky ones. Many discovered new philosophies and many are looking for new jobs, switching carriers and waiting for vaccines.

Savers are appreciating their decisions and people with installments are sweating while looking at their AC’s EMI.

Mutual funds eat up most of the savings for the active people and lazy ones are thanking their laziness to keep money in the bank.

Governments are looking for breakthroughs and travelers are getting anxious while posting old travel pics and watching travel blogs promising nothing’s better than travel.

Work from home enthusiasts are saying what they actually meant was remote work, not work from home literally and this time they aren’t reading Tim Ferriss’s 4 hour work week underlines while working from home.

That futuristic nerd looking tech guy whose project you turned down as a future thing is not picking up your phone and people are starting to recognise zoom for video calling the same way they recognise google for internet.

Those who were complaining that they “don’t have time to take a breath” are now given both “time” and “fresh breath” by taking their car off the road. Then they are correcting themselves as, “I have time but I want to make more money so I don’t have time..”, well it’s too late to accept correction.

Whatsapp groups are getting silent, all the jokes about lock down and quarantine are suggested by auto cleaner to free some space from phones which can be used to download Arogya setu. Apart from WHO’s guidelines on how to check if you have corona by holding breath, whatsapp is providing statistics about the strong position of India against virus comparing it to Europe.

People are returning to their roots, some by reading books with full stomachs in an air conditioned room, while others are walking hundreds of miles carrying luggage at their heads. Some of them are listening to announcements of big money coming to their way preceded with countless zeros on TV and discussing if the government has started depositing some of the zeros first to their accounts.

Doordarshan has finished airing Ramayana and Mahabharata and an empty time slot is assigned to the finance minister to explain those zeros in English and then in Hindi.

Indian media is getting less creative in drawing pictures of corona and starting to talk normally, about Pakistan and China.

New TV series are still releasing every week and people are wondering when they are going to be out of them.

YouTube vs TikTok is emerging as a hot topic for those who are either promoted to the next class without exams or lost their job even before the lock down was announced.

Like a normal day, there is a lot happening during lock down, why this is worth writing because now we have enough time to write it down!