Minimalism: The way of living you desperately need

In the life full of chaos, hectic and full of materialistic things and with million repetitive thoughts, minimalism is coming up with a real hope for millennial.

It is not only allowing to live more fully but also removing the mental burden of earning lots of money that was imposed by our previous generation. It is becoming a tool to provide a sense of freedom.

Well, some people describe minimalism as restricting themselves to live with very less, don’t own a home, live in a motor home whole life, don’t go for a dinner in a fine restaurant, you can’t really have a family or a normal life – that’s bullshit!

What is minimalism

It is basically owning fewer possessions or simply living with the things that you really need but it doesn’t mean you are restricted to something, it isn’t about restricting – its about giving you ultimate freedom.

The Minimalists define it in these golden words:

Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfilment, and freedom.

It is not a new term either, it isn’t neither a concept that few people invented, we all are minimalism in our own ways, its just we start to do it in more conscious way.

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, renowned minimalists made a list to describe what minimalism could to to your life:

Eliminate our discontent

Reclaim our time

Live in the moment

Pursue our passions

Discover our missions

Experience real freedom

Create more, consume less

Focus on our health

Grow as individuals

Contribute beyond ourselves

Rid ourselves of excess stuff

Discover purpose in our lives

And all this is possible by following some of the things here:

Try to eliminating things that distracts you from living with intentionality and freedom.

Try to eliminating all the materialistic things that you doesn’t really need but you own.

That camera you bought for the last vacation but never used and you are still paying EMI’s for or the self help book you bought but never read but you plan to read every weekend, it gives you an unnecessary feel of guilt. It will not only save you lots of money in the long run but also will give you financial freedom for future where you can save some money for tough times or even for another vacation.

Try to limit spending time with people you don’t really like or doesn’t really add value to your life, your daily chit chat eats up your lots of time and free time is a great resource which is very valuable when you don’t have it.

Social media is like alcohol, it feels great when you spend time on it but its hangover doesn’t only kill your eyes and brain cells but also makes your less social, so try to dedicate some time for social activities, this improves sensitivity about life hence makes you able to differentiate what’s really necessary and what’s not and this is among very basics of minimalism because on a TV or facebook ad, everything looks cool.

There are many nice rules people follow for this practice eg. “Use it or lose it” or “combine uses” etc, make a quick google search about these and make your own decisions because everyone have their own version and recommendations of minimalism and you should have your own.

It is just owning less, so you save more, hence comes financial and mental freedom and in the next steps, spend more time with the things you love to do or brings joy to your life because this is the only things that matters in the end because no one is going remember what version of iPhone you were using – they will remember what kind of person you were.

Mark Manson puts the same thing in his own f**ing way:

It won’t come easy, but once you are there, you will experience a sense of clarity that you never felt – this is the way of living you desperately need!