7 most obvious but simple things we forget to be grateful about

There are many things that we take for granted these are often as simple as that we miss them easily, but what we don't know that these are those essentials which not only act as a foundation to everything we aspire but also complete in their own at the same time. We may all have a thing two different but these 7 things are common for most of us.

1. Health

If you are healthy and your loved ones are healthy too, then you should feel privileged because you are not running in circles of hospitals medical bills, pain, agony, fear and discomfort. There are millions whose ultimate goal is to get healthy and you are already there. Your experience of life derives directly from how mentally, physically and emotionally healthy you are.

2. Education

You are educated since your reading this and you are above billions who cant read this, you now have excess to the world beyond the imagination of billions. All the wisdom ever written is accessible to you and since you have scientific experiences of maths, physics, chemistry, history, geography, you are now much prepared to navigate uncertainties of this world. It doesn't mean education provides you guarantee of success but it definitely provides you unbiased and broader understanding of your surroundings.

3. Family

Your family loves you unconditionally, yes this seems obvious but think about it, what's your true asset? Your parents, your brother, your sister, your wife and your kids. This thing alone makes you feel secure, loved and cared. Having a family is a luxury that you don't pay a price for, it's your safe net during hectic pace of life.

4. Employment

If you have a job, congrats! you are not unemployed. So obvious? looking at the rate of unemployment you should be thanking God to have a job. You can timely pay your bills and if you still have money at the end of the month, it's definitely a blessing! Do you remember your first salary? you feel empowered, confident and able, its just became an obvious thing that you no longer feel the same emotions, try to leave your job if you don't agree ;)

5. Books

Books may sound boring but they bring enormous opportunities with them. Think about it, what Mahatma Gandhi learned in his lifetime, you can find it at your fingertips. Isn't it magical?

6. Medicines

Even a small headache, can make your life miserable without medicines, these not only save lives but also eases everyday frustration. I'm not talking about excessive use of it and we only hear evils of asteroids and antibiotics but these are life saviour and if you have access to basic medication, you have enormous power of somehow effecting your everyday fate.

7. A Home

If you have your own home, you have solved a basic existential issue, an accommodation! From the time of caveman, one thing each human being aspired in common was a safe place to stay, safe from animals and weather, a place where they can return from hunting, from work and a certainty that they have some permanent place for them when they are tired at the end of the day, it has became obvious that we stopped thinking about it but it certainly holds its value.

Most of us have either all or most of the things in the above list but we still somehow manage to feel miserable, incomplete and incompetent which isn't true, so let's take a moment to be grateful about what you have and aspire for making these existing things better.