The self awareness onion

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Self awareness if literally explained, is conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings…but what that actually mean?

Well, there can’t be a single definition for this and there isn’t a condition or state where you can declare your self as fully aware – at least not by your intellect.

But it does not mean that you do not move forward, making you aware of something that you don’t know happens every single day with everyone of us, that’s why we read books, newspapers, watch television, TV series nowadays because we want to know something that we don’t know. Let’s say you don’t want to know anything – would you be interested in life?

But the moment we start making our self aware about ourselves, we are on the path of self awareness, logically everyone is – you always take care about how you speak, look, behave, believe etc.

Actually, self awareness is like peeling an onion, unlikely it is an infinite peeling, the more you peel, more you get to know about new things and you become gentle because even with the onion – hardest part is outer surface but unfortunately we don’t even try to go further than few layers, after some more peeling, layers of empathy, values, compassion comes and this is what we generally refer to start of conscious self awareness journey.

Then comes a time when we think we’ve got enough and feel so confident but if you don’t derail your seeking (or peeling) you will get to a situation where everything will start falling apart and this is the transition from one layer to another, this is when the thought comes that you know nothing – this is where transition happens.

Transition from one layer to another, transition from one mindset to another do not come easy. It comes at the cost of destructing our existing beliefs, it comes at the cost of making us extremely uncomfortable and just before this happens, you no longer appreciate yourself the way to did in past because your achievements, your skills, your beliefs fell short and you do not feel the same watching the same mirror like you previously did, your pride take a dip and even your confidence gets shaky and these are the signs that you are in the transition and the moment you fully get there after this painful process, you start to love your new self and thank yourself for your actions that lead you here.

For a true seeker, the life is full of ups and downs, you find many tools and try to make use of them and when you master them you look for an upgrade and this process continues for a lifetime but this isn’t a vicious cycle because it is rewarding, it equips yourself with all the tools and tactics you need in order to proceed, it equips you with a belief that your belief is just belief – it may not be true, it equips you with a sense of mindfulness and live life fully and this is what matters in the end but there is no end to this, no one ever saw the end because some gets settled in the mid way while others keep going…

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