Political future after corona virus

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Just after lockdown was announced in most of the countries, unanticipated things started to happen, including mass migration, loosing jobs and this resulted in discomfort towards power, whether it was Trump or Modi but how this is moving towards changing the political scenarios is something to think about.

Like emergency, lockdown will give birth to several new  interests and ideological beliefs, thus result in forming many political parties, this time, concern will be economic and of course solidarity and promises to labours. Bunch of drop outs will stand up with political aspirations and Labour janta party or similar will evolve with lots of support from those will be starting to recover from pandemic.

They will see hope in them, so will the existing Netas for their political future and the long term investment.
“If no modi then who” and then “who’s after Modi” will win seats with thoughts “modi could do better or if he wasn’t a one man army” or something similar will be heard on tea stall across the nation, it will cash non power supporters as well as those who will start to feel uncomfortable with their lords, it all depends how opposition will build an environment against the ruling party. These parties will win seats and in 20 or so years will be main stream parties and will be funded well with existing parties to manipulate voters.

If we talk about few years, BJP will see a sharp decline and voters will start to shift towards congress until someone else come to cash the emotions which is bound to happen and the only other existing party will surge is AAP because it learnt the rules on the game already in Delhi elections and now people care more about development and jobs than ever. Though BJP will try their best either by manipulation or over subsidies without future concerns or continuing free rations but it will clearly be the tough path forward and this time politics on borders and army may not help because people get board and need ‘change’ every few years and there will be enough outrage to support that change if things doesn’t increase dramatically.

Coming back to my fictional labour party, when it will go mainstream, most of us will forget why it exists at the first place, including its founders and this loop will go on until we hit another low or the collective consciousness is raised towards something else and until this happens, IT cell members will evolve as unsung heroes for all the win and looses and parties have to fight their elections online using social media platforms.

Now the question comes, what’s the point of discussing this? I think it is necessary to consciously look at it and use our brains to cast our vote next time, to recognise sources of suspicion and get news without opinion because it’s not just your vote – it’s your employment, your parents health and your kids future!

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