How knowing my location can make you rich?

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We are not only getting reliant on mobile devices, it is becoming our necessity to keep them with us due to million reasons but their very basic working need something which can be used to make hugh amount of money and this all can be done in the most legal ways. You might have a […]

Minimalism: The way of living you desperately need

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In the life full of chaos, hectic and full of materialistic things and with million repetitive thoughts, minimalism is coming up with a real hope for millennial. It is not only allowing to live more fully but also removing the mental burden of earning lots of money that was imposed by our previous generation. It […]

Political future after corona virus

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Just after lockdown was announced in most of the countries, unanticipated things started to happen, including mass migration, loosing jobs and this resulted in discomfort towards power, whether it was Trump or Modi but how this is moving towards changing the political scenarios is something to think about. Like emergency, lockdown will give birth to […]