How to use procrastination for good?

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“Procrastination” is one of the few words that describes exact issues with our generation, but can we use the same for good reasons? Let’s find out.

According to Wikipedia, “Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.” and since we are supposed to finish important work at time, this becomes an issue.

But in my opinion, Procrastination must be an ability of mind to explore the new horizons of the task it is provided to do, it wants to dive deeper into it to do its basic job — “to serve you better” and when this repeats itself, it gets programmed and we call it a habit, this is a perfect example of human suffering its potential.

After all these good comments about procrastination, the question is, if it is a good thing then why we still suffer it and its answer should be easily guessable and of course simple, “we are misusing it”. This capability can definitely be used in a more conscious way.

Lets say, you want to complete a task, to write a blog, and you open your laptop, and then browser and then there is YouTube icon from recently opened tabs, your brain gets hungry (and yes, greedy!!), oh! I think I need little more information or a little joy or something before starting this boring task, and you click on it — wooooh! …2 hours are gone, you started watching a podcast regarding productivity and end up in a travel video which makes you think about yourself that how bad your life sucks! or how other profession is far better than your’s or bla..bla..whatever!

It was never the case when you opened your browser, and you went for little info/ and because your mind wanted to serve you better, it did its job! Instead, if you could start writing the blog, it could go into that direction and serve you better, could produce better ideas and you could continue writing for next hours, because mind doesn’t discriminate about the content and direction itself, its main purpose is to learn from past experiences and serve you better every time without any fail.

Now the question comes, “how the hell I can start doing something?”

The answer comes from the author of “Subtle are of not giving a f***”, Mark Manson, “Do something”, and something means, in the direction you aspire to do, your motivation will follow. Waiting for motivation to come is an endless longing which ends up everyday when you are tired watching YouTube and going to bed with full of regret.

According to Mark Manson in his book — “That forcing myself to do something, even the most menial of tasks, quickly made the larger task much easier, if i had to redesign an entire website, i’d force myself to sit down and say, i’ll just design header right now, but after the header was done, i’d find myself moving on to the other parts of the site. and before i knew, i’d be energised and engaged in the project”

How it helped me? ….because I chose to open editor and started writing, initially I went for few lines and procrastinated in other direction 🙂

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